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Paws Of Love

Paws Of Love


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Share and express love and care for all the animals, thinking especially of those who don't have a home, living on the streets, in colonies or shelters.

Honor the people who take care of our friends (by caring, feeding, or adopting them). Represented all the immediate help that a rescuer/adopter can bring: love, food, medicines, and secure transportation that hopefully will bring them to a warm home.

We all know the power of love that our pets stir in our hearts. You've probably seen the many memes that say, "Love is a four-legged word" or "My children have paws." Those adorable critters sure have a way of wiggling deep into our souls and winning us forever with their wet kisses.

This OHM silver bead called "PAWS OF LOVE" is a little mysterious because it can have many meanings as there are animals. Look closely, and you see a puppy and kitten peeping from the wagon. They have a jar of food and a couple of jars of treats, and a First Aid kit, just in case.

That's the beauty of so many OHM designs: you can imbue them with your meaning and significance. Perhaps you support an animal rescue group dedicated to pet adoption, so, for you, this bead is a pair of lucky pets winging their way to a new love-filled home. Or maybe it's the humans who need rescue: so, for you, these are angelic service animals or therapy pets, arriving to provide their furry emotional support. Or maybe your pets are your children so, of course, they go everywhere you go!

Whichever you choose, PAWS OF LOVE will certainly fly delightfully onto your bracelet and deep into your heart.

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