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Granger Evermore (Retired)

Granger Evermore (Retired)


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Granger was a novelty bear purchased from an old prison turned museum. He was kept on a shelf for years, never touched, never loved. Eventually discarded, Granger wound up in the dump. Having been nothing more than a display item, Granger didn’t have much of a chance to bond with a person. Unlike Cyrus it didn’t leave him desperate to do so. In fact this burly bear prefers his own company, and sought out residence away from the others. He was comfortable with this existence, until one fateful day he made a mistake he will regret forever. When a delivery of trash arrived at the dump, a cry for help rang out. At first he ignored it, but as the voice became more desperate he ran over to help. Granger arrived too late, however, and the bear perished in the Incinerator. The scar that runs across his face occurred during his attempt to free that bear.

Granger’s life changed that day. He lives in near constant guilt, though for the most part he does a nice job of hiding it. He struggles to even relax or sleep. This is not helped by the fact that Granger has visions of the dead bear regularly. Whether they are purely in his mind or visits from an otherworldly specter is yet to be determined.

Now, Granger is constantly on guard for new arrivals to the dump. A few in the group owe their lives to him. He hopes that one day he’ll save enough bears that he’ll finally have peace.

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