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Trust Love (Retired)

Trust Love (Retired)


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Spread the love. Chakra Four is responsible for love and compassion.

When you are feeling jealous… Trust love! The opposite of jealousy is compersion - receiving happiness from someone else’s happiness.

When you trust in the hippie-dippie all-encompassing all-singing all-dancing humanity of LOVE (and flowers and bunnies and tie dye moo-moos) … you can receive nothing but love in return. We didn’t say it was easy. To understand. Or to manifest. But we did say it’s awesome.

Practice makes permanent. Practice love. Accept love. Give love. All we need is love. Put on Yellow Submarine. Wear Patchouli. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Ohm.

Thank yourself for loving others. Your love is valuable and needed.

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