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Distant Waves

Distant Waves


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Listen with your soul to feel the distant waves from sounds past. They are all around us.

From the 1920s through the 1950s, radio was the dominant electronic home entertainment medium, and American families would gather every evening around their large, elegantly fashioned radios to enjoy their favorite programs. Radio dramas, comedies, quiz shows, talent shows, mysteries, play-by-play sports, musical variety shows, westerns, even Orson Welles terrifying Halloween adaptation of "The War of the Worlds" all encompassed what is now called the Golden Age of Radio.

Afternoon adventure shows urged kids to send in their cereal boxtops for prizes, toys, badges, and decoder rings. Eventually, television superseded this era of radio dominance, but some say the stories were much more vivid with only sound effects and your imagination.

Happily, a new "hip" generation that reveres vintage is resurrecting the classic look of retro radio technology, if not the actual programming. From consoles to tabletops, everything old is new again.

Stately columns on either side of the cabinet create a distinctive Gothic arch design. OHM celebrates this timeless Golden Age with a gorgeous vintage radio bead based on the cathedral-style radio of the 1930s. Many radios of that decade were elaborate furniture-size, floor-standing consoles. The tabletop practicality and elegant beauty of a Philco Model 90 made it an immediate best-seller.

This vintage radio will add elegance and cool to your bracelet. Listen closely, and you might even hear the dulcet crooning of Sinatra, a joke from Jack Benny, or the throaty "Hi-yo, Silver!" of the Lone Ranger. Hang onto your boxtops! After all, everything still lingers out there on the airwaves waiting to be received.

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