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Step Up (Retired)

Step Up (Retired)


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Step up to reach a higher plane. For over 10,000 years people have been using ladders. A Mesolithic rock painting in Spain shows two men using a long flexible ladder to gather wild honey from a bees nest in a tree. During the early part of the 19th century the folding ladder we know today was invented. Whether you are trying to reach that impossible shelf or hanging the lights on the Christmas tree, the ladder has become an indispensable household tool.

The phrase step up has likewise become an integral tool for expressing a variety of ideas. When you want someone to go faster or to work more efficiently it’s time to step up the pace. When you need someone to take charge or show courage, it’s time for them to step up. When someone advances in life, we often say that they’ve moved a step up.

The OHM step ladder STEP UP is a tribute to all times you’ve had to step up to get things done. And for all the challenges ahead that will require you to unfold your A-game and step up with courage, determination, persistence, and efficiency.

You’ve got this! You CAN handle any task or situation. And thanks to Mr. John H. Balsley’s clever invention, you can unfold the tools you need in the moment and then tuck your courage safely and neatly away until you need it again. Let this ladder on your bracelet or neckless remind you daily: you’ve got what it takes to STEP UP.

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