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This is a blind bag item with either JD, Ri-Cri or Booey inside. Blind bag contains one bead.


An expert at finding things, JD’s mission is to find the most hilarious thing so that he can make billions of people laugh and smile. JD often messes things up and is hard to understand but he doesn’t let his defaults get in his way of doing what he loves. So if you ever lose something, just hold JD & you’ll be sure to find it soon!


Lover of life and death. Ri-Cri is very 50/50 as darkness is what some will see and others will see the innocent beauty of light in Ri-Cri. Ri-Cri is able to make a friend of anyone even an enemy. Just listen to one of Ri-Cri’s stories and soon you’ll be crying tears of joy and forget all your troubles. Ri-Cri understands that everything can have a sense of humor to it if you find the right way to see it. Next time you need to feel good about a bad situation hold Ri-Cri and think it over till you see the light.


The responsible idiot, Booey is great at delegating big projects but can’t handle small task. Booey has the ability to see the bigger picture and remember vivid details that most would have long forgotten. It’s just that Booey gets worn out fast and is much better at telling others how to do something than doing it on it’s own. Next time you got a big project be sure to have Booey nearby and you’ll figure out just how to get it done!

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