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The Gateway

The Gateway


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The fifth chakra is the throat chakra -- called Visuddha in Sanskrit -- and physically it is associated with the thyroid, neck, mouth, tongue, and larynx; but spiritually the fifth chakra is all about self-expression and speaking your truth. When this chakra is open and balanced, you are able to fully listen as well as speak and express yourself clearly.

When your Visuddha is blocked, you are likely to swallow your feelings, harbor resentments, and speak critically and harshly of others. Release this chakra and sing! If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your mouth must be the doorway. We take in nourishment and pleasure through our mouth -- You are what you eat -- and through THE GATEWAY of the mouth, our words, thoughts, and feelings spill outward to affect and alter our world. The element associated with this chakra is infinity and its color is light blue like the limitless sky.

OHM acknowledges and honors the importance of this doorway to the soul with our Visuddha chakra bead fashioned as a magnificent ancient castle door with rivets, hinges, stonework, and a silver knocker. The capstone of the arch is the Visuddha blue, a lapis stone, to remind you of the infinite possibilities that your self-expression can take. Even the bracelet itself passes through the open doorway. This chakra bead on your bracelet beautifully symbolizes the door that opens to the castle of your soul. Fling open your door in welcome and creatively express yourself! Listen to the wisdom of the Universe and speak your Truth.

Lapis keywords: wisdom, enlightenment, serenity, inner self, truth, intuition, divine connection, authenticity, self-expression, ancient wisdom, spiritual growth, clarity, creativity, universal tapestry

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