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OHM Prayer Flag Nacklace (36"/90cm)

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Blue is sky.
White is air.
Red is fire.
Green is water.
Yellow is earth.

Available size: 90cm. Flag pattern includes 15 total flags.

The chain is similar to the OHM BALL NECKLACE chain. Use an OHM -Y clasp, or an open work bead to extend your necklace closure.

A clasp is not required. It is not recommended to wear any beads on this style of necklace, but a few extra beads never hurt anyone, right? It could be perfect with a single focal bead. Augment existing bracelets or jewelry concepts by adding OHM CHAIN pieces.

Take care when opening and closing the OHM S CLASP hooks. Use the large OHM S CLASP hook to close and open your bracelet to the other end of the clasp.